Lanolin Free / Solvent Free / Petroleum Free

Solvent Free with Pumice has a pleasing Honey Cherry scent.
Our Solvent Free Hand Cleaners meet with the strictest environmental demands.

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Our Solvent Free line is scientifically designed to remove heavy dirt, grease and oil quickly and safely without the use of any solvents.

Solvent Free with Pumice Scrubbers is available with a Honey Cherry scent.

Solvent Free Hand Cleaners offer maximum cleaning power while leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

Enriched with our exclusive skin conditioning system containing 5 natural botanical extracts.

Registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Manufactured and designed to meet the needs of all Canadians.

Stock #SizeCaseContainer
47-01500 mL12Squeeze Bottle
47-801000 mL6Front Line Cartridge
47-702000 mL4Power Plus Cartridge
47-003.5 L4Bottle Without Pump
47-023.5 L4Bottle - 2 Pumps Per Case
47-043.5 L4Bottle - 4 Pumps Per Case
47-104 L4Bottle - Round Flat Top
47-0520 L-Pail
47-07180 L-Drum

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